Jacket & Baggy Pants | Regulus & Mayu

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In this product you will get a pair of Baggy pants and a double layered Jacket with a satchel on top!

The Jacket has a nice light in feel and light in color under shirt with a thicker white short sleeve hoodie. You also get a cute blue bear satchel to store all your precious belongings. Along with the jacket you get a Baggy pair of Pants. The pants although simple are very thick and comfy to wear for when you wanna cuddle or snuggle up with that bread plush I have (looking at you Goose. jk)

This product contains:

  • FBX model of the clothes (plus armature)

  • A texture for each model

  • Prefab containing Physbones

  • A material for each model

  • SPP file for Texturing

This model again does contain physbones for the strings on the model

Credit: SunnyToaster, my dearest friend, gave me this idea!

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Jacket & Baggy Pants | Regulus & Mayu

8 ratings
I want this!